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Magic Pot
Galerakis Markos - Food and Beverage Supplier - Wedding Catering - Baptism Catering - Catering Rental Service - Volos Magnesia


The "Magic Pot" of Markos Galerakis has been active in the field of catering since 2004. It started for the first time in Athens, during the Olympic Games, trying to meet the demand for catering companies with the ability to serve foreign-speaking customers. However, our work begins even further back, in 1994.
In 2011 we moved to the city of Volos and since then we have been organizing all kinds of events and catering throughout the prefecture of Magnesia. Of course also to friends, we cannot refuse their service in the Sporades, Thessaly, and even in Athens.




In addition to the organization of social and corporate events in organized spaces (estates, shops, event halls, etc.) but also in non-organized spaces (courtyards, squares, private streets, etc.), since the previous year a space has been created in Nea Dimitriada , at Agios Dimitriou 53, where we cook traditional homemade recipes every day, with fresh ingredients and lots of love.
Also, for a year, we have taken over the management of the traditional guest house "Apostolia" in Makrynitsa, trying to offer together with all the modern comforts, peace and spiritual upliftment, in a traditional mansion of the area, full of history, between 2 endless streams that irrigate the surrounding area all year round.