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Magiki Gastra - Galerakis Markos - Supplier of food and drinks Catering - Wedding - Baptism - Volos Magnesia


The business "Theia Geusi" of Galerakis Markos, which is located at 53 Agios Dimitriou Street in Volos, is a business that specializes in the preparation of packaged food for delivery or take away. This company stands out for the high quality of its products and for the use of pure and fresh ingredients in the preparation of its food.

Galerakis Markos has a long experience in catering and has earned his reputation as one of the best chefs in town. His business philosophy is to provide high-quality food to its customers without having to pay the expensive tariffs of high-end restaurants.

The "Divine Taste" foods are carefully selected and prepared with pure and fresh ingredients. The establishment offers a wide variety of food, from meat dishes to vegetable and fish dishes, as well as many vegetarian options.

Students with a pass get a 15% discount.
Taxi drivers have a 15% discount.
For the weekly menu you will get a 20% discount, with the pre-purchase of 6 meals.