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The Apostolia guest house is perhaps one of the most well-known buildings in the Koukourava region with a long tradition and history, since it was the home of the folklorist and poet Apostolia Nanou - Skoteiniotis.
The mansion, which was built in the 18th century, has been completely renovated so as to give the visitor the possibility for a comfortable and pleasant stay.
The interventions that were made, were done with a view to respecting tradition, keeping the style and picturesqueness of the building unchanged. After all, this is evidenced by the genuine antiques that are part of the mansion's furnishings.
All rooms have a panoramic view of the mountain and the sea and the outdoor area consists of a large paved courtyard of four levels with trees and flowers.
The location of Koukourava and of the mansion itself is suitable for both summer and winter getaways, since the visitor can just as easily and comfortably get to know the enchanting beaches of Pelion as well as its picturesque villages.
The approach to the Koukourava district of Makrinitsa is from the new road through Agios Onoufrios. Distance from Volos 4.7 km. The visitor can leave his car on the main road which is 160m from the house and cross the passable cobblestones. If you have a 4X4 vehicle, you can reach the front door of the mansion where there is space for temporary parking and turning around (not parking).